How to find the best German partners for your research endeavour

European security research is done in joint projects and brings together partners spanning numerous European and associated countries to form large consortia. If your consortium can benefit from the expertise of German partners, let us lend our support in finding them. We are eager to connect you with German universities and research institutions, but also SMEs and security practitioners.


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It is the next step after the original idea for a EU research proposal: you need to build a consortium that translates this idea into a concept and wants to implement it together through funding. But how do you find suitable partners outside your own existing networks if you are looking for German partners?

Our first hint: It is worth looking at the projects funded under the German security research programme. You will find companies and practitioners with research experience as well as universities and research institutions dedicated to security research. Ideally, they can build upon the results of national projects and contribute with their experience to an EU research project.

Second: It is also worth taking a look at the list of partners of the completed flagship projects, or become a member of the fit4sec network.

Third: Your consortium needs security practitioners in line with the solutions that you intend to work upon. For most topics, the work programme contains minimum requirements concerning the involvement of security practitioners. It is essential that these requirements, which are specified in the "Conditions of the call" section, are complied with when setting up research consortia. Applicants should contact the required practitioners at an early stage to involve them in writing the proposal. Especially public stakeholders like law enforcement agencies need to get the hierarchical approval for their participation which might take quite some time. Please contact us if you are in search of German security practitioners!

Our last advice: The more specific your request, the more difficult can it be to find the right partners. We are happy to support you, please get in contact and tell us whom you are looking for!