Approved projects in the field of "Civil security - Migration issues"

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research provides funding for research projects aimed at developing technologies that can help governmental and non-governmental stakeholders as well as citizens and migrants overcome current and future challenges. The goal is to devise new security and support solutions that show great promise in terms of practical benefit and potential for implementation. Part of the funding goes to bilateral projects conducted with Austria. The two countries have decided to pool their resources and collaborate on research to ensure optimised processes for admitting migrants on humanitarian grounds, transferring them and providing them with food, accommodation and basic necessities.


Ongoing joint projects:

HUMAN+: Ensuring humanitarian safety through real-time situational awareness for efficient management of migration movements

Echtzeit-Lagebild für Migrationsmanagement zur Unterstützung der Einsatzkräfte und optimalen Versorgung der Migranten.


Funding codes 13N14716 to 13N14723

The Austrian-German project HUMAN+ has set out to develop an integrated solution for real-time situation assessment for refugee movements. The solution is based on social networks and remote sensing data, enabling migration movements to be predicted and acute situations to be handled. The ethical, sociological and legal parameters play an essential role in this work, as does the need to be able to integrate the solution into existing solutions and process chains. The system will facilitate early detection of migration movements, preparation of emergency services on both sides of the border for the situations they can expect and, at the same time, optimal, humane handling of migrants.

HUMAN+ project outline (PDF, only available in German)


SmartIdentifikation: Smartphone-based analysis of migration trends with the aim of identifying smuggler routes

Smartphoneauswertung zur Informationsgewinnung

Funding codes 13N14764 to 13N14768

The aim of the Austrian-German “SmartIdentifikation” project is to develop a system with which to evaluate data from documents and smartphones carried by migrants. The data is to be used to identify individuals and to check the information they give. The photos stored on their smartphones will be used to establish their age. The data will also be analysed with the aim of identifying smuggling routes. As well as developing the necessary technology, the project will investigate the legal and ethical conditions that need to be in place for the system to be accepted and legal, and incorporate these aspects into the technology. The goal is for the system to be used to help check migrants’ statements on the spot and thus to minimise the number of cases requiring individuals to be taken to police stations.

SmartIdentifikation project outline (PDF, only available in German)